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Best Luxury Watch Stores in New York

April 10th, 2019 | The Jetset Life

Of all the accessories available to embellish our bodies, few make a stronger statement than a watch. When it comes to purchasing luxury watches in New York, the sky is the limit. Splurging on a top of the range watch that will last you a lifetime is a smart investment that will complement your persona anywhere you go. Here are the best stores, all located near Royalton New York.

Element iN Time

Location: 36 West 47th Street, Suite 301, New York, NY 10036

Opened in the 1980s, Element iN Time is a boutique for luxury timepieces. They have become well-established as some of the top retailers in the jewelry district. If you’re looking for high grade Swiss and German wrist watches, they stock a wide selection of vintage and modern pieces.

Madison Time

Location: 625 Madison Avenue, Suite 218A New York, NY 10022

Anyone who know anything about horology knows Patek Philippe. Michael Safdie is one such individual who took his passion for watches to a new level. Over three decades, he has amassed a collection of Patek Philippe watches, clocks and vintage pieces unlike any in the world. His store in New York is a combination of shop and museum that can be visited by appointment only.

man-wearing-elegant-tuxedo-and-luxury-watchTourneau TimeMachine

Location: 12 East 57th Street and Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022

Tourneau has been around since the 1900 and it has never stopped being at the top of the world’s watch sellers. Their first New York store was opened in 1925. Since then, they’ve expanded without every loosing their fine touch. Tourneau TimeMachine specializes in vintage and timeless limited edition pieces.


Location: 700 Fifth Avenue at 55th Street, New York, NY 10019

Home to not only Swiss and German watches, but also luxury jewelry, Wempe is a Hamburg-born retailer who came to New York to stay. They are known for their impressive selection, knowledge and expertise, as well as hospitality that attracts New Yorkers and tourists alike.

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