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How to Organize your Workspace

May 22nd, 2019 | Corporate Travel

Are you having trouble focusing at work? Do you need to make changes to boost your productivity? The answer may be simple: organize your workspace. From tidying up your drawers to color-coding your files, follow these tips to have a clean and functional office.


Decluttering is in fashion and we support it. Why? Most of us are drowning in things that we don’t need or use anymore. Our offices aren’t any different. Spend some time going through old documents, office supplies, scattered post-its and files. Don’t forget about your computer, though! Many of us have desktops and folders with unnecessary electronic documents. Getting rid of excess items will clear your desk, computer and help you feel in control.

Rearrange the Furniture and Computer

Make sure that you have as few distractions as possible. Facing a window or the rest of the office is bound to catch your attention every now and then. If you can move your desk or computer around, do so.

white-shelves-with-color-coded-folders-and-filesColor Coding and Categorizing

Before saying that you’re not an OCD or Type A personality, hear us out. Using color coded folders, labels or boxes will help you organize and locate items much easier. This can also apply to your electronic files or emails, especially if you receive correspondence about multiple projects.

Another way to organize your files and items is by separating them into a “Today” and “Later” box. Before beginning your day, divide your workload. Whatever needs to be taken care of today goes in one box and the rest in another. This will stop you from being distracted by tasks that can be completed at another time.

Use Visual Cues

Having visual reminders of the day’s tasks is useful in many ways. First, it will help you prioritize your activities. Second, you’ll make sure that nothing gets left behind. Third, every time you cross something off, you’ll feel motivated and accomplished. Visual cues could be anything like a bulletin board, a white board or even post-its. Don’t forget to color code them!

Find Inspiration Around You

A quick image search of offices from major companies will show you that the bland office space has changed. Nowadays, offices are colorful, eclectic, have plants and even inspirational quotes painted on the walls. While this may not suit every office space, having images or uplifting phrases within sight will help you stay focused and motivated.

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