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Jet-Setting Experiences in NYC

January 31st, 2020 | The Jetset Life

With a champagne glass in one hand and this guide in the other, walk on New York City’s red carpets—available only to those who know how to appreciate the good things in life. And these are just a handful of the best jet-setting experiences in New York.

Golden Opulence Sundae 

Serendipity 3 is the creator of Golden Opulence Sundae, a Guiness World-record sundae that costs $1,000! It’s made from “Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, infused with Madagascar vanilla, covered in 23K edible gold leaf, drizzled with the world’s most expensive chocolate, Amedei Porcelana, and covered with chunks of Chuao chocolate… Topped with a tiny glass bowl of Grand Passion Caviar… Served in a Baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet (which the buyer gets to keep) with an 18K gold spoon, a petite mother of pearl spoon, and topped with a gilded sugar flower by Ron Ben-Israel.” You get what you pay for! 

Helicopter Tours

We’ve talked about exploring New York by sea, but what about seeing it from the air? No, we’re not talking about going to the highest observation deck in New York (although you shouldn’t miss it, either). Private helicopter tours will give you a front row seat of the city’s skyline. 

VIP Broadway Experience

Broadway Plus offers superb packages of VIP Broadway Experiences with excellent perks. Your seats will be the best in the orchestra section, you’ll enjoy special treats like meet-and-greets, exclusive gift bags, and concierge service. The most popular shows are Wicked and Chicago. 

Style Room NYC

World-class shopping is easy to find in New York. Take it to the next level by booking a private tour with Style Room NYC. Get access to designers' showrooms and studios, and save up to 65% off retail. That’s the best way to nail the New York look! Top up your shopping spree with a spa day. We’ve put together a list of great spas in Midtown that guarantee a relaxing and lush experience. 

Before booking any of these experiences, make sure you look the part. Take a look at the best beauty and grooming salons in Midtown. If you prefer in-room services, talk to our friends from NOMI Beauty