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Mysterious and Action-Packed Attractions in New York

Was our previous post on strange and unique attractions in New York right down your alley? Then read on! We continue to unravel the extraordinary experiences to be found in the city that never sleeps. This time, we’re taking you on a tour of chilling cemeteries and the heart of New York’s crime history.  

New York’s Historic Cemeteries

Have you already taken the Ghosts of New York Tour? We dare those of you still feeling brave to embark on a self-guided journey — through New York’s historic cemeteries! Some are pretty and quaint, others old and run-down. However, there’s no denying that spending a cold, gray day — or evening — perusing worn and chipped tombs might give you goosebumps.

Please Don’t Tell

If you want to feel like you’re traveling back in time to the Prohibition Era, set an evening aside to pay a visit to a mysterious restaurant. Please Don’t Tell is all about keeping it zipped. They only provide a phone number to make reservations. You don’t know the menu or the drinks. All you have to do is show up, dial a number from a telephone booth… And wait to be surprised!  

Museum of American Gangster

As the name suggests, this museum is fully dedicated to the history of organized crime in New York. Visitors will learn about key figures, their story, deeds and more. It’s also a great resource to find out more about the Prohibition Era, Women and Temperance and historic speakeasy. The collection includes newspaper articles, photographs and objects ranging from historic luxury cars to old weapons.

Spyscape - New York’s Spy Museum & Experience

Who wouldn’t like to, at least once, feel like a secret agent? Famous movie franchises show incredible technology that seems unfathomable to most of us. If you want to know what’s really happening in the espionage world, then head to Spyscape. You’ll find a mixture of a spy museum, and interactive experience and spy challenges. Channel your inner James Bond or Ethan Hunt and find out if you are cut out for the action.

A city like New York is always reinventing itself. Follow our blog to stay up to date with the best attractions, eateries and experiences in NYC. And may we mention that an experience anyone can enjoy year round is a stay at the Royalton New York Hotel? Check out our special hotel offers and book your sophisticated room in the heart of Midtown!