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Navigating the World Trade Center

August 7th, 2019 | The Jetset Life

The new World Trade Center was built as a sign of hope and resilience. Since its inauguration, it has become an icon of innovation and creativity. However, navigating the 16 acres that make up this complex may be daunting. Here’s your handy guide! 

9/11 Memorial & Museum

Every visit should start at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. Expanding over eight acres, it’s no secret how important this monument is to the city. It’s divided into a memorial plaza and a museum. 

The 9/11 Memorial Plaza is a park with man-made waterfalls—the largest in the country—lining two reflecting pools representing the Twin Towers. The entire area is surrounded by oak trees, providing a peaceful sanctuary to commemorate those who lost their lives. Make sure to stop by at night to see the waterfalls lit up. 

A visit to the National 9/11 Museum is a must. Located on the exact site of the Twin Towers, its collection includes multimedia exhibits, artifacts and archives. Admission ranges from $18 to $26, with the option of including a guided tour at an extra cost. 

One World Observatory

The most exciting attraction in the WTC is the One World Observatory. Starting from the SkyPod elevator that uses technology to show how New York has changed over the centuries to the Sky Portal, a 14-foot wide circular glass disc that shows the streets below, everything about it was designed to wow its visitors. Interactive exhibits, restaurants and a state-of-the-art theater top off the experience. The observatory is located on the 100-102 floors and offers the best views in the city. 

royalton-new-york-world-trade-center-transportation-hubTransportation Hub & Shopping

The WTC  is accessible by public transport. Even if you don’t usually hop on the subway, you’ll want to see this structure. The Guggenheim is no longer the only pearly white modern building in New York. The Transportation Hub adds a sleek and futuristic element to the WTC complex. It also connects the shopping malls located at the base of the WTC buildings. 

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