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Taste the Best of NYC Summer Restaurant Week

July 17th, 2019 | The Flavors of New York

When in New York, do like the New Yorkers and dine out. New York Restaurant Week returns from July 22 and August 16, 2019 with a special 2-course lunch for $26 or 3-course dinner for $42 at over 300 top restaurants. Continue reading to find out more. 

About NYC Restaurant Week

The New York Restaurant Week is a biannual event, celebrated in winter and summer, that highlights the best of New York’s food scene. Restaurants all over the city craft unique menus, lunch and dinner specials that showcase their best dishes and ingredients. Most of them offer deals on drinks for an extra cost that is very much worth it. 

How to Make the Most of NYC Restaurant Week

Here at Royalton New York, we know that our guests are connoisseurs. We’ve put together the best NYC Restaurant Week tips and tricks to ensure that your choice of restaurant is just right for you. From knowing when it’s best to book or how to land a table at the most sought-after restaurants, we’ve got you covered. 

man-taking-photo-of-meal-with-smartphoneFollow Social Media 

Some of us like to be surprised, but others prefer to know before they go. Instagram is the best social media platform to showcase your culinary encounters. It’s also the best way to decide whether you want to go to a specific restaurant. Let other foodies be your guides and browse through the photos tagged under #nycrestaurantweek

Summer Collections Highlights

It’s now easier than ever to browse though restaurants and consult menus, but how to know if the ambiance or decor is what you’re after? NY Restaurant Week’s website has divided their restaurants into collections, for ease of reference. This means that if you’re new to this event or you want a restaurant where you can splurge, they have done all the work for you. 

Are you looking for epicurean pleasures in New York year round? Follow the Royalton New York blog for dining and nightlife tips. And don’t forget to pay us a visit at Forty Four Restaurant and Bar 44